Customer value

Our solutions make public swimming pools more cost effecient!

With innovative technology, we are creating the flexibility that should be in a modern swimming pool.

Right flexibility means better availability and lower costs

An investment in our equipment flexibility is usually paid back within 1-2 years,

then it can be used for another 20-30 years!

The right solution for flexibility gives large impact on revenue!

An investment in a new swimming pool, there is often a little too much focus on the size of the investment. We want instead to highlight the totalcost of the swimming pool during its lifetime.

Important questions are:

How to increase revenues

How can costs be kept down

An investment in flexibility resulting in higher utilization and therefore increased revenue. By choosing our solutions the increased cost are small related to the increases in margins and usage. The costs of keeping the pool clean and fresh is not affected because cleaning can be carried out without any problems.

A clean pool brings a more attractive environment and reduced usage of cemicals.

Flexibility means the ability to adapt to different needs!

Swimming pool visitors have different needs and desires. With flexibility these needs can be met at a low cost. 

One pool - several possibilities, for a relatively low cost!

Baby swimming

Splash & play

Water aerobics

Rehabilitation Training

Hydro Spinning

Swimming training


Elite swimming

Successful sports clubs have obvious needs for good training opportunities. Aqua Level have concepts for creating great flexibility even in 25 and 50 meter pools.

With movable dividers, bulk heads and floors we give opportunity for sport clubs to have their needs met.

How will revenue and costs be influenced?

Calculations shows a very positive effect on the total annual net operating costs for the swimming pool. Since our products are designed to last for more than 20 years, an investment in our  equipment for flexibility makes it a good deal.

Pay off time are rarely longer than 2 years.

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